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We build your Dream in a structured three step approach. Experts in Drive Technology.
electronics, Mechanics
& Software
We build interdisciplinary prototypes and products.
& apps
We build your application to interact with hardware.
Custom drive
We build your personalized motor controller and motor solution.

Innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

From concept to creation.
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our Approach

Three key steps for a reliable development process

How we work
1. Requirements

First the plan then the creation. We determine what you need, together we define your requirements and set the roadmap. You will get a detailed quote for all phases. FREE of charge.

2. Product Prototype

Early on, we create isolated function prototypes of the most difficult features and test them. You are fully included into the progress as we move forward until we have a complete prototype.

3. Optimization and Launch

We take you from prototype to mass manufacturing, adjust geometries and involve production methods. Together, we work on risk analyses, bill of materials, sourcing, documentation and certification.

Experts in

Electric motor control and custom made hardware. Are you looking for brushless motor control, servo drives or control algorithms?

custom made drive technology

Adaptable motor control platform for any application.
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Your project

Let’s talk about your project

1. Get in touch

Whether you just have an idea or your product is already on the market and you need troubleshooting, give us a call or write an email. We will reply in one business day.

2. Let’s meet

We will arrange a meeting, listen to you carefully, study your documents and advise you on possible implementations.

3. Quote

According to the specifications, we create your quote and a roadmap. Transparency, quality and efficiency are our values.