Simulations, PCB-Design in Altium Designer, Manufacturing, Troubleshooting of existing Circuits and Reverse Engineering.


We're a young but experienced team of Engineers ready to turn complex formulas into working products. From drafting to a product, developing electronics or troubleshoot existing systems, we are here to support. Think of us as your go-to consultants for everything related to electronic engineering and testing.


  • Embedded systems

  • Block diagrams

  • PCB Design

  • EMC precompliance testing

  • Switchgear construction

  • Power Electronics

  • Secure Device Programming

  • Certification (TÜV / UL)

  • Safety Controllers

  • Reverse Engineering


First, we develop a shared vision - our concept - so that we can work together towards the same goal. We rely on you. No one else knows your area of expertise and your wishes better than you. We need a specification sheet with all your requirements so that we can set out our project specifications, provide you with a cost estimate and define a project road map. If you wish, we can work out your specifications as part of your project.

Product development

We divide development into structured packages. We call these phases. Each phase ends with an agreed work product. This means you have full control over the development process and you are constantly involved. Once one phase is complete, the next begins.

Complex projects develop themselves our time. New specifications are added, old ones are altered as you test and learn. If you are unsure about your requirements, an iterative process will help you decide.

  • The first design phase ends with a compact Proof-of-Concept PCB blueprint. Of course fully assembled and with a demo firmware if required.

  • As your requirements solidify, we scale up, expanding the complexity and capabilities.

  • We can solder prototyping PCBs in-house. For large batches, we rely on our manufacturing partners for PCB assembly (PCBA).

For high priority projects, we offer prototyping iterations from design to manufacturing of 3 fully assembled PCBs in only 14-20 days.


Often it is required to simulate circuits prior to the PCB design process. Most important it is when the application involves safety. An example:

Simulation of a bidirectional current source of 100uA-10mA at 100V supply voltage as an alternative to an expensive Howland Current Pump. The pulse length can be variably set between 10us-1ms, with pulse frequencies of 10-1000Hz. It is used in the field of nerve stimulation.


We live by the motto "What hasn't been tested doesn't work". Your device is put through rigorous testing to ensure that there are no unexpected failures once on the market. This also includes in-house pre-compliance tests in the area of electrical and magnetic compliance (EMC) and electrical safety.

Because this topic is so important, we have dedicated an entire page to it.


We offer our customers our critical thinking to identify potential hazards and risks early on and develop measures to avoid them. This also includes in-house pre-compliance tests in the area of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrical safety.

Secure device programming

You have finished developing your new product and your supply chain is in place. Maybe your software/firmware is your unique selling point (USP) and you don't want it to be modified and copied onto cloned hardware. We can help you with encryption, UUID matching or the process of preflashing microchips directly by the chip manufacturer before they are delivered to your PCB assembler.

Reverse Engineering

Would you like to know more about a competitor's product, such as the choice of components and cost analyses or better understand the technologies used? We have tools and methods and can help you to develop a more optimized product based on them.


Your project

Let’s talk about your project

1. Get in touch

Whether you just have an idea or your product is already on the market and you need troubleshooting, give us a call or write an email. We will reply in one business day.

2. Let’s meet

We will arrange a meeting, listen to you carefully, study your documents and advise you on possible implementations.

3. Quote

According to the specifications, we create your quote and a roadmap. Transparency, quality and efficiency are our values.