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2021 - Today

Since 2021, we have been advising a company operating in the cost-sensitive home consumer sector on new technical developments in their industry, possible implementations and jointly trying to identify key cost drivers and reduce them through technical developments.

Business opportunity

In the rapidly changing US consumer market, companies are constantly looking for ways to develop innovative and cost-effective products that meet the changing needs of consumers. The US-based company approached us with the task of designing a complex mechatronic system that would offer consumers significant advantages over competing products and strengthen the company's market position in this segment.

expectation management

At the start of the project, we worked with the customer to draw up a specification sheet that defined the requirements. This document served as the basis for the entire project development.

Prototyping phase

Our employees integrated into the customer's team right from the start and stayed informed of each other's progress through weekly meeting.

With a focus on a fast market launch, we developed interactive prototypes in several project phases. Thanks to our many years of experience with drive technology, we were able to deliver the first working prototype after just a few weeks. This allowed the customer to gain initial experience with the technology internally and define the user experience for the end product.

Collaborative Phase

Based on the experiences from the prototype phase, further detailed specifications were developed and the firmware was adapted, which ensured increased efficiency. This collaborative phase made it possible to tailor the product precisely to the needs of the market and users.

cost reduction

Cost optimization was a critical step in the development process in order to make the product attractive for the cost-sensitive consumer market. In addition, approval for the US market, in particular UL certification and required FCC tests, had to be taken into account. We worked closely with the customer's engineers and industry partners from the Far East to design a cost-effective and certifiable system.


The close cooperation with the customer enabled us to develop innovative solutions that not only improve the experience for the end consumer, but also pave the way for our customer's future products. As a result, a strengthened market position was foreseeable. A key element was the identification and elimination of cost drivers. The case study shows how technical expertise, collaborative development processes and a clear focus on market needs come together to successfully realize innovative products.

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