We come in ad interim. Your advantage.


Whether your project is just a drawing or already on the market, we can support you with new design concepts, review your documentation, streamline your processes and reduce costs. Are you looking for an ad interim project support or project manager?


  • Concept Phase

  • Workshops

  • Design Idiation

  • Reviews

  • Ad interim Project Lead

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Process Optimization

  • Cost Reduction


The more complicated and demanding a project is, the more important it is to have a well thought-out concept in the initial phase. You play the decisive role here. Because nobody knows your concerns, hopes and goals as well as you do. Our job is to support you in this process and transform your ideas into a feasible concept. This is essential for us to fully understand your goals and develop innovative solutions based on them that not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.


Workshops serve as a dynamic platform for the exchange of specialist knowledge and critical scrutiny of the status quo. Different workshops are designed depending on the project phase. If the aim at the very beginning is to separate necessary requirements from wishes, the following workshop will focus on brainstorming. Such innovation workshops take place throughout the entire product lifecycle in order to rethink existing products or processes.

2nd sights / reviews

We offer our customers our critical thinking to identify potential hazards and risks at an early stage and suggest measures to eliminate them. Are you looking for a partner to review your designs, calculations, supply chain or risk management?


The last stage prior to launch is documentation and certification. However, it is crucial to keep the standards in mind right from the start to avoid redesign. We can help you go through the required standards, create the required documents and find a suitable partner for product approval such as TÜV.

project lead

Do you have a project where different groups within your company are working together, or are you even collaborating with several external companies on product development and manufacturing? Most devices today require interdisciplinary teams with different backgrounds to work efficiently towards a single goal. A challenge, isn't it? Structured, efficient leadership is required.

Your project

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1. Get in touch

Whether you just have an idea or your product is already on the market and you need troubleshooting, give us a call or write an email. We will reply in one business day.

2. Let’s meet

We will arrange a meeting, listen to you carefully, study your documents and advise you on possible implementations.

3. Quote

According to the specifications, we create your quote and a roadmap. Transparency, quality and efficiency are our values.