Embedded Systems, Function Diagrams, C/C++, STM32, ESP32, TI, Nordicsemi, Wireless Communication


Firmware is a specific type of software that provides low-level control of a device. It enables hardware components to communicate effectively with each other and is often used in the context of microcontrollers.

Offered Services

  • Function Diagram Creation and Analysis

  • C/C++ Programming

  • STM32 Microcontroller Development

  • ESP32 System Integration

  • Texas Instruments (TI) Solutions

  • Nordic Semiconductor Applications

  • Bluetooth® Programming

  • WiFi enabled Device Development

  • MQTT Protocol Implementation for IoT

  • Firmware Debugging and Optimization

Best practice

Transparency and diligence are important to us. We emphasize the creation of readable and well-documented code. Adhering to best programming practices, we ensure that our software is robust, efficient and understandable.

Extensive unit testing is a fundamental part of our development process. By investing time in developing these tests, we ensure the integrity of our code, identify potential issues early, and facilitate future updates or changes. In doing so, we commit to the quality and professionalism required to produce maintainable code for the future.

Wireless connectivity

Are you interested in IoT or wearable devices? We love to integrate error redundant wireless communication protocols. Our embedded systems specialist is particularly skilled in integrating energy-efficient algorithms, battery management and standby behaviors.

AI on
Edge Devices

We are constantly exploring the exciting new possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our expertise ranges across computers and microcontrollers. We have no prior references in cloud computing. However, we do have expertise in AI and computer vision on edge devices. For example, a customer required Pose Estimation, where we apply advanced AI algorithms to analyze and interpret human body positions and movements in real time and without an Internet connection. This technology has numerous applications, from gesture recognition in games and virtual reality to patient monitoring in healthcare.


Akrodyn has several references in the field of safety critical hardware development. We provide well-designed hardware, robust error handling and fail-safe operation to avoid harm to users and hardware.

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