Simulations, Sheet Metal Constructions, Calculations, Optimizations, Redesign of your Machine.


Do you have a great new project idea or do you need help in a specific area? Our team of Engineers like to turn complex dynamics into the simplest possible solution. You will profit from low production costs, easier sourcing due to standard parts allowing you to scale your production. From stress calculations to thermal simulations, from idiation to industrialized product, we are here to support.


  • Sheet Metal Design and Construction

  • Load and Stress Calculations

  • Efficiency Optimizations

  • Machine Redesign and Upgrade

  • Material Selection Consultation

  • CAD Design and Modelling

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • BoM Analysis and Cost Reduction

  • Heat Transfer Simulations

  • Tolerance Analysis

  • Assembly and Maintenance Planning

  • Safety and Compliance Checks

  • Retrofitting

  • Mechatronics


First of all, we create a joint concept. We are dependent on you for this. Nobody but you knows your subject area and your wishes as well as you do. We need a specification sheet from you with all the requirements so that we can derive our project specifications from it, make you an quote and work out a schedule together. If you wish we can create the specification sheet together with you as part of the project.

Product development

We divide the development into structured packages. We call these phases. Each phase ends with an agreed work product. This means you have full control over the development process and you are constantly involved. Once one phase is complete, the next begins.

We start with workshops to come up with ideas for technical sub-functions and test these using rapid prototyping in so-called functional models. These give you confidence. You will soon receive a proof of concept prototype from us that works, but looks very different from the end product.


Where necessary, we use simulations to ensure safe and reliable operation later on. This enables us to run through various scenarios in advance.


We live by the motto "What hasn't been tested doesn't work". Your device is put through rigorous testing to ensure that there are no unexpected failures once on the market. Because this topic is so important, we have dedicated an entire page to it.


We help you research standards and find the relevant points. If necessary, we can put you in touch with external testing bodies such as TÜV and provide you with the necessary documents.


Throughout the product development cycle, we keep this crucial aspect in mind. We often see over-engineered products and expensive custom-made parts produced by an exclusive manufacturer. You don't want that, do you? We try to use standard parts where possible to reduce costs and make you independent of specific suppliers. Once you are ready for production, you need a supply chain or even a contract manufacturer. If you want, we can bring you together with our external partners.


Your project

Let’s talk about your project

1. Get in touch

Whether you just have an idea or your product is already on the market and you need troubleshooting, give us a call or write an email. We will reply in one business day.

2. Let’s meet

We will arrange a meeting, listen to you carefully, study your documents and advise you on possible implementations.

3. Quote

According to the specifications, we create your quote and a roadmap. Transparency, quality and efficiency are our values.