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Developing a portable ECG and SpO2 device for health analysis.

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2022 - Today

Many people still die from heart attacks. Or don’t change their life style afterwards, risking another one. Others, feel that they are stressed but cannot track their true well-being.


A small, portable device with high resolution, low noise and optimally filtered data was needed. It should measure the heart activity (ECG) and optically the pulse wave (PPG) and the oxygen saturation of the blood (SpO2). And it should be affordable for individuals.

The data should be sent by Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) to the patient’s smartphone where complex algorithms will draw conclusions and indicate the user its overall health condition such as the stress level. No device on the market fulfilled all necessary specifications.


Together with our client, all specifications were collected. Due to the complexity, an iterative approach was chosen. Phase by phase, more components were added. After each phase, our customer received the latest prototype and the software was expanded. We received feedback at an early stage, which we incorporated into further development. Our customer was able to validate the data quality early on. This strengthened mutual trust. In the last step, miniaturization was carried out.

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