Pre-Compliance Tests, Endurance Tests, Test benches, Documentation and Analysis


Is your product having problems and you haven't found the root cause yet? We know first-hand how painful it can be when a machine causes problems in the field. If you want us to get to the root cause and generate meaningful data from magical errors and develop solutions, then we are here for you.


  • Eletrical Troubleshooting

  • Mechanical Troubleshooting

  • Endurance Tests

  • Pre-compliance EMC Testing

  • Data Acquisition

  • Data Analysis

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Test Benches


In 5% of your devices, a function fails after 12-18 months. Does this sound familiar? We offer to track down the fault. We carry out simulations and endurance tests, install additional sensors and measure changes before a failure occurs.


Especially in electrical engineering, random errors can occur if the electrical design has not been carried out carefully. We offer troubleshooting from the schematics to the PCB layout and overall hardware analysis. If you are not sure whether your product fulfills the EMC regulations, we can offer an internal EMC per-compliance test.

test bench

Are you looking for a test setup to calibrate your product? Do you need precise test data to further develop your product? We can build a test bench with sensors and actuators for you and transfer the measurement data to your computer or tablet.

data analysis

Extracting meaningful data from a large data set can be challenging. We developed tools and methods and combine it with video recordings to extract the information you need. We compare sensor readings over time to obtain statistically relevant data.

Predictive maintenance

Later, when your product is on the market, you may want to optimize the maintenance intervals. Either you use the data from the tests above or you add additional sensors to service dynamically just in time. Let us know, if you are looking for a wireless high resolution power meter.

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