App Design, Android, specialized in BLE and IoT, Computer Vision and AI models


Do you have a fantastic app idea? We're here to support you. We develop natively or cross-platform. We are happy to help you design your UI and UX through to complex real-time applications with diagrams. Our expertise lies in apps that control or read out devices via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), MqTT or by wire.

Offered Services

  • User-Friendly App Design

  • Experienced in Android

  • Native Development or

  • Cross-Platform App Development

  • Real-Time Graphs

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)

  • Wireless communication

  • IoT-Enabled Smart Devices

  • Incorporation of Computer Vision and AI

  • Touchscreen Machine Control


First, we develop a concept together. We create wireframes so that you can get to know your new app before it even exists. Building on this, we clarify the necessary technical requirements for implementation. Then the programming begins - native or cross-platform.


Are you interested in IoT or wearables? We would love to integrate error redundant wireless communication protocols for you. Most of our apps are used to control devices or machines. Why buy an industrial computer if you can use USB-C to plot data or actuate a motor?

Multi-master design

Multi-master control means that a machine can be controlled via several inputs. These can be buttons, touch screens, remote controls or other devices. Managing these (user) inputs in multi-master machines presents a particular challenge. When multiple controllers or users have the ability to operate a system, there is an inherent risk of conflicting commands, misunderstandings, or input errors. This can lead to operational interruptions, machine inefficiencies, system failures, or serious safety issues. Careful system design of such systems is crucial.


Do you have any computer vision project? Modern problems require modern and sustainable solutions. Why use dedicated barcode scanning hardware? What to do when there are no ID and passport scanners on the market due to shortages?

AI has numerous applications where it can replace pieces of hardware. For example, a tablet camera can be used as an MRZ scanner in an access control terminal.

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